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Windows Loader is a tool that is used to lớn activate windows 7 for không lấy phí without buying any keys to lớn get activated with win7.

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By mặc định, if you tải về Windows from Microsoft and install it on your machine, then it will ask you to activate it. To activate Windows you need to lớn purchase the license key from Microsoft.

If you don’t purchase that key your Windows will be expired after 30 days of the period và then you won’t be able lớn use some of the features of Windows.

Those features included, Getting Updates, Downloading Apps, Changing Desktop Wallpaper & so many other things.

In that case, if you are the one lượt thích me who doesn’t want lớn buy the hàng hóa key or can’t afford to lớn buy it. Then Windows 7 Loader is the best option to activate Windows không tính tiền without paying a penny.

What is Windows Loader?

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1 What is Windows Loader?
2 Features Of Windows Loader
3 Download Windows Loader 2021
4 How to lớn Install Windows Loader
5 Activate Windows 7 Free With Windows Loader
6 Alternatives
6.1 KMSPiteo
6.2 Microsoft Toolkit
6.3 RemoveWAT
6.4 KMSAukhổng lồ
7 Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)
7.1 Q1) Will Windows Loader access my personal files?
7.2 Q2) Is Windows Loader safe to use?
7.3 Q3) Do I need to lớn activate my Windows again và Again?
7.4 Q4) I lost my activation after running Windows Startup Recovery Tool? How to fix it?
7.5 Q5) My windows automatically deactivated after my PC went inlớn sleep mode?
7.6 Now try to lớn put your device in sleep mode and check if the problem solved.
8 Conclusion


It is the activator that is used khổng lồ activate Windows 7 and all its editions. This tool is developed by the most famous Team Daz. They have contributed many activators for Windows & Office as well.

Some of the activators which this team developed are KMSPiteo, Microsoft Toolkit, and KMSAukhổng lồ. These are the same và their work is also the same as Windows 7 Loader.

The difference is that in Windows loader you can only activate Windows 7. While using other Windows 7 activator such as KMSPiteo or Microsoft Toolkit, then you will be able khổng lồ activate Office as well.

This tool is 100% không lấy phí and there are no hidden charges when using it. You can activate any edition of Windows even it is 32 bit or is 64 bit, it works on both systems.

If you already use any other activators then you must know that those contain viruses, keyloggers, trojans, & other malware. But this activator is 100% miễn phí of that malware & it will not damage your machine.

Information about Windows Loader:

NameWindows Loader
Size2.39 MB
Developed byTeamDaz
Updated1 Day Ago

 Features Of Windows Loader

So, after reading the intro you now must be aware of what this activator actually does. Now let’s just discuss the features of this awesome activator.


Here is the các mục of features:

N-Bit Supports

N-Bit tư vấn means it supports both the processor variants. No matter if you are running Windows 7 (32bit) or Windows 7 (64bit).

It will activate both architectures with the same version. You don’t need to have sầu separate versions for those processors.

Activate Any Editions

You can activate any editions of Windows 7. If you are using Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 trang chủ or Ultimate. You can activate all those editions with this single Windows 10 activator.

Bypass Validation 

The best feature is that it bypasses the validation checker. So, after activating your windows with Windows loader. When you connect with the mạng internet then it will bypass the validation checker và make it realize that it is the original copy.

Genuine Activation

It will not activate Windows in a spammy way, but using this you will get a genuine license. And you will never get caught by Microsoft as it modifies the hosts và replaces them with the custom ones.

This way it makes Microsoft Server realize that it is the original license which you are using.

Multiple Language Support

If you choose any other language instead of English, then you should be very happy that it also supports multiple languages. When you open it,

it will automatically detect the language which you are using và then you can see the options in that language.

Easy To Use

The system UI of the Windows loader is very simple and well designed. Also, it is very easy to lớn use và activate windows, you don’t need to lớn have special skills to operate this activator. It will activate your windows within just clicks.

Add Your Own Keys

If you own a copy from Shop where you find a product key. Then you can also add that key in this activator, so it will activate it by using that serial key.

Keep Your Files Secure

Windows Loader guarantees you khổng lồ secure your personal và other system files from malicious attacks. Your tệp tin will remain safe when you use Windows 7 Loader, it is trusted by so many people.

Virus Free

It is scanned by the Virus Total và the result is that it doesn’t contain any type of Malware or Virus. It is a 100% clean & virus không lấy phí activator as compared to others.

So, these are some features that you must know before proceeding to tải về this activator. After reading that you now be able to lớn understand what benefits you will get from this activator.

Download Windows Loader 2021

After reading the features, you must be curious to lớn download the Windows Loader. Before proceeding, if you are new to lớn my site, then you first need lớn read this simple guide khổng lồ know how you can download Windows Loader from my given links.

Download Windows Loader

The link which is I give sầu you below is a clean & direct link, & I never used Link Shorten for my download links. It will make you comfortable to tải về from my website. In other sites, they short the liên kết several times, so when you cliông chồng on that, you face so many annoying ads.

This is why I never use these Link Short sites. In this way, users can interact with my trang web more easily. Also, you won’t face any type of issue while downloading.

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Ok, enough talk, let’s now move to lớn the Downloading guide which will help you lớn understvà our trang web more easily.

First, you need lớn cliông xã on the Download Button, which is given below. After clicking you will be redirected lớn our Download Page, in that page, you see there is a Download Now Button.

Just click on that button, và then you will see the Mediafire link. So, you again need to click on Download Now, và this time, you have to wait for a few seconds.

After that time it will ask you khổng lồ select the location where you want to lớn save sầu your tệp tin (I recommover you to lớn choose Desktop). Now select your file location and then click on save, your downloading will be starting in a short time.

That’s it you have sầu now successfully downloaded Windows Loader in your machine. Now after downloading it comes to the installation, if you don’t know how to lớn install it, then you can read out my short Guide below.

How to lớn Install Windows Loader

Here is a simple guide khổng lồ installing Windows 7 Loader on your computer. Please read the steps carefully, so you don’t make any mistakes while installing. Maybe your single wrong step will damage the file, so be careful when installing it on your machine.

Step 1: Make sure to lớn Temporary Disable your antivirut before proceeding to other steps. Because most of the antivi khuẩn will mark it as Win32/HackTools.


Note: If you want lớn learn more about this Win32/HackTools, you can read it here (What is Riskware?). This is the complete guide lớn underst& this lô ghích, which is written by Kaspersky Antivi khuẩn.


Step 2: After disabling your antivirus, now extract the file which you downloaded above. It will ask you khổng lồ enter the password. Just Click Here to lớn find the zip password.

Step 4: Now, you will see there is a thư mục named Windows 7 Loader. Open that thư mục, and you will find Windows Loader.exe file there. Just double click on that, và then it will ask you permission, just click on Yes.


Step 5: After clicking yes, you will then see the installation Window of Windows Loader. Follow all the steps which you see on that screen & install it as you usually used khổng lồ vày.

Step 6: It will then take some time to lớn install, depending on your computer performance. When en installation is completed you will notice the Windows Loader biểu tượng logo on the desktop or can access it from Start Menu.

Activate Windows 7 Free With Windows Loader

So, have sầu you just installed Windows Loader on your Computer? Now, don’t you know how khổng lồ use it?

Then you should read this simple guide lớn activate your Windows 7 by using Windows Loader.

OK, so first of all again Disable your Antivirut, & then open Windows 7 loader from the desktop or from Start Menu.

Now you will see a new window of this activator, in that window you will find so many options in the header.

You just need to lớn open the Installation section, and there you can see all the information about your system. Even you can see the activation status of your Windows there.

Now in the installation section, you see two button #1 Install và other Uninstall. If you already used any third-các buổi party keys, then simply click on uninstall and then cthất bại the windows.


Again open the Loader, & now this time, click on the Install button. Wait for a few seconds, and you will see a success message.

That’s all now you need to restart your computer. After the restart, just Right Cliông chồng on My Computer and mở cửa Properties.

Here you can see the activation status, or you can open Loader và then check activation status there as well.



Did you read about this activator and loved the features, then you should also check out some most and even more useful Alternatives of Windows Loader. As you know, this loader only activates Windows 7 and its editions, but other activators that I am going to lớn discuss can activate Windows 8, 8.1, & even Windows 10?

Instead of this, some of them can even help you to activate Microsoft Office. Don’t you think that’s great?

Then just check out this below best alternatives menu of Windows Loader:


It is one of the most famous and most useful activators around the Internet. This activator is developed by Team Daz, which is also a developer of Windows Loader.

With the help of KMSPiteo, you can activate your Windows 8, Windows 8.1, và Windows 10, including all their editions. Also, this activator supports Microsoft Office activation; a user can activate the lademo version of Office using this activator.

It is also a virus-không lấy phí và miễn phí tool you can use it without buying any premium membership. As it is developed by Team Daz then there is no doubt it is the best activator so far.

Microsoft Toolkit

Another alternative sầu to Loader is also very useful, lượt thích KMSPico. This activator is developed by codyqx4, which is the senior thành viên of My Digital Life Forum.

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It works on the principle of KMS (Key Management Server) giải pháp công nghệ, which was introduced by Microsoft. This công nghệ is developed by Huge companies so that they can license their machines in bulk within just clicks.

Microsoft Toolkit also does the same; it creates a KMS server so that Microsoft thinks that it is part of that server. In this way, your windows get activated, and you also get the genuine license for your Windows
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