How to change the product key on windows 10

When you tăng cấp lớn Windows 10 from Windows 8 you can encounter glitches with product activation. Here’s an easy way khổng lồ find the sản phẩm key after upgrading.

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With the first major update to lớn Windows 10 (called the November Update) now rolling out khổng lồ devices và PCs worldwide, users should note that there are changes as to how licensing is handled. When Windows 10 launched in late July, the operating system required computers khổng lồ have sầu a genuine Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 license installed.

If you read our article on how to lớn determine the architecture, edition, và channel of Windows currently installed, you’ll notice when you upgraded to lớn build 10240, và Windows maintained the licensing status according to the channel. So if you upgraded from Windows 7 OEM or Retail, your không lấy phí Windows 10 nâng cấp would inherit those channels.

Details on Finding Key

With build 10586, this is not as clearly defined since all November updates are automatically defined as from a retail channel. Regarding troubleshooting issues with hàng hóa activation, this adds a bit of complication since PCs that qualify for the tăng cấp, in particular, retail licenses, will use a mặc định hàng hóa key used by Windows 10 Home and Pro.

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One improvement introduced with the November Update is using your Retail or OEM sản phẩm key to lớn activate Windows 10. The problem is when you upgrade to Windows 10, especially from Windows 8, and you encounter glitches with sản phẩm activation, you normally don’t have sầu a product key. Luckily, there’s a không tính phí utility called ShowKeyPlus that will find it for you. Here’s how it works.

Find Windows 10 Product Key After Upgrade

After downloading it, extract the zip tệp tin, then launch ShowKeyPlus.exe.

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You can also use ShowKeyPlus lớn find your hàng hóa key from a Windows Backup và also to lớn verify which edition your hàng hóa key is associated with using the Cheông xã product key function. Again, a handy gem lớn have sầu in your tech toolbox.

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