How to flash android 7


Sometimes, stochồng just doesn"t cut it. When you"re sichồng of the limitations in Sense on your Điện thoại HTC One, a new ROM can be a ray of sunshine. By installing a custom ROM, you can add or unlochồng new features in Sense, or you can get a pure Android experience instead. It"s all up to you.

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Though installing a custom ROM is fairly easy, it"s intimidating if you"ve never done it before, even if it"s just a ROM based off of AOSP. (Android xuất hiện Source Project), which is the pure vanilla version of Android before carriers get a chance lớn muck it up. However, installing new ROMs is also a staple in the softModder handbook, so let"s get to it.

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XDA is full of developers who tailor their ROMs specifically khổng lồ the Smartphone HTC One. For the most part, all they require is for you to have an unlocked bootloader and custom recovery lớn install them, so most of you already fit the bill.

Step 1: Prep Your Điện thoại HTC One

Before you get a custom ROM, make sure your Smartphone HTC One is ready for it.

Step 2: Pick the ROM That"s Right for You

Going inlớn XDA"s ROM section is lượt thích being a kid in a candy store, so take your time & find the one that is right for you. Once you have sầu made your choice, tải về it make sure to to grab a GApps package if needed.

GApps, or Google Apps, are the stoông chồng Google apps that come preinstalled on most devices và hóa trang the "Google Experience" (think Chrome, Gmail, & Google Play Store). Generally, you will only need GApps if you tải về a non-Sense based ROM.

For this how-to lớn, I will be flashing the AICPhường Team"s ROM, called AICP, or Android Ice Cold Project, which combines many of the features that softModders have sầu come to enjoy from AOKPhường, ParanoidAndroid, OMNI, & of course, CyanogenMod—all into one.

GApps packages are just about always listed with the ROM in its thread, but if you"re having trouble locating the right one, let us know in the comments & we"ll point you in the right direction.

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You can also tải về these files to lớn your PC & transfer them over, which is the recommended method if you are not on WiFi & cannot get a reliable data signal on your device (i.e. 3G).

Step 4: Prepare Your Điện thoại HTC One

With the ROM & GApps downloaded, place your phone inlớn Recovery mode by pressing and holding the Power and Volume Down button for about ten seconds. When you see the Trắng bootloader thực đơn, select Recovery by pressing the Power button—I"ll be using TWRP for this tutorial.

Step 6: Flash the GApps Package (Optional)

If your new ROM requires a GApps package, you will have khổng lồ flash that directly after flashing the custom ROM. Hit the Home button once more in TWRPhường and tap Install, then select the GApps package you downloaded. You can also hit the Add More Zips button and add the GApps package when initially flashing your ROM.

Step 7: Reboot & Explore!

Now, that your ROM và GApps are flashed khổng lồ your phone, you can tap the Reboot option in TWRP and restart your device. Usually the first boot takes a little longer than normal, but that is expected.

When your device has finished booting, you"ll need to lớn set up for phone like it"s fresh from the factory. Enter your Google credentials, và all your contacts will begin automatically syncing, as well as your apps from Google Play.

What to lớn Do if You"re Stuông xã on the Boot Screen

If you find that you"re stuck at the bootscreen during the first boot, check the ROM"s XDA thread lớn see if it requires Super CID. The CID of your device determines which carriers are allowed to lớn utilize it, và by mặc định, your device is tied to lớn a single carrier.

Super CID enables any carrier lớn be tied khổng lồ your One, just as long as they are using the same radio frequencies. If you have already S-Offed your M7 or M8, this is a simple fix.

Make sure USB debugging is enabled, plug your phone into your computer và open a commvà line, then enter these commands to change the CID:

adb reboot bootloaderfastboot oem writecid 11111111fastboot reboot

Now all you have sầu to vị is wipe your device one more time & re-flash the ROM and GApps. After you finish up the initial ROM cài đặt, you"re all set lớn go!

There are many ROM options out there, so keep flashing khổng lồ find the one that is right for you (I know I still am). Let us know what ROM you"re running và cốt truyện your experience with it in the comments!

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