Kingdom rush vengeance


I'm just curious, cause I cant play the legends or the other tower defense they had out somewhere.

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Those never went away though? If you mean what they did in Vengeance then you can still play with just 4 basic towers by sticking to lớn the starter 4

Yeah. New Kingdom Rush is coming 100%.Thats the only series from ironhide where you can be 100% sure that it will have more games...

I am playing through Vengeance again & cant help the feeling that the franchise is kinda dead. Its prime was with Frontiers & original KR, then Origins were nice and Vengeance, although a really good game, feels like it goes heavily on the nostalgia and it is more likeable because it is connected lớn the older games (like Picking pieces of Boneheart easteregg, having Beresad as a nhân vật etc). I feel like new trò chơi would just be even more nostalgic and kinda definitive death of our beloved franchise

KR: V is fail because some head people in Ironhide kinda fck up.They didnt have enought time and to make sure we can play this game again & again, they cut off nội dung in change for more TOWERS/HEROES for money.KR is not dead, but if IH create new KR trò chơi that will be worse than KRV...then yeah, KR5 could be the last from the series.Lets just prey & wish them good luck.I really hope they dont kill this series :(

They should make Dwarf themed KR game. I have been dreaming about one for some time. We have traditional humans with mostly typical fantasy enemies like undead, Orcs và such in KR 1, and Elven theme in KRO. Now make Dwarf themed one, please.

They could introduce new game play element too, like nhân vật spells, but maybe something for towers.

I would love for a dwarven mech tower. Or khổng lồ see the hammer dwarves from frontiers back. Dont know how magic would play out.

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I think they are working on the Junk World trò chơi for now. Hope Vengeance get's a new content update though. It just recieved recieved the Chinese Update but still love lớn get some new levels.

They have more teams, not just one for Junkworld.Currently they have one for Junkworld, one for Legends of Kingdom Rush và definitely atleast one more for new Kingdom Rush or Iron Marines (or something new).KR: V is done, the Chinese update was released with more than 1 YEAR DELAY.Don't expect any new update for that game.

If there is eventually, I hope it’s more lượt thích KR, KRF, and KRO.

They need lớn put a lot of work into restoring that original glory, fun, challenge, and balance. Then more people are likely khổng lồ spend money on towers, heroes, heck even levels or something.