Tải video trên messenger

Facebook Messenger has become one of the most convenient way of communicating, as it allows it users khổng lồ reach people anytime & anywhere for miễn phí. One of the perks of Messenger is the ability to lớn skết thúc videos. This way, you don’t have sầu to mô tả a video on your Facebook wall; instead, you can just privately skết thúc it to lớn the person or group it is intended for.

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Have you ever wanted khổng lồ download videos directly from Facebook Messenger?

Have you wanted to lớn keep a Clip on your phone rather than trusting it khổng lồ the social network? Are you proud of a Clip you made or took part in & want to lớn keep it on your own device? This tutorial will show you how khổng lồ download videos from Facebook Messenger và store them on your own device..

For a while, you could watch a Clip on Facebook Messenger & hit the tải về inhỏ at the bottom of the page to lớn tải về the Clip. Then after a couple of Facebook updates, that tải về option seems khổng lồ have disappeared.

What was once a super simple process has become slightly more difficult. I imagine Facebook wants to lớn keep you on the platform (AKA walled garden) as much as possible & would rather you watch the đoạn Clip on their ứng dụng rather than on your phone itself.

The mạng internet has other ideas though, as always, and has come up with two alternative workarounds. There are more options but they tover lớn involve downloading và using random software, which isn’t igiảm giá. None of these options requires anything but a web browser or a website ứng dụng.

The bottom line is if the download option is no longer available from your Facebook Messenger, you can still download videos.

Cliông chồng the Messages ibé lớn open your Chats history. Then go to the conversation with the đoạn phim you want lớn tải về.
Then cliông chồng View your Saved Items. This will open a new tab in your browser.

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Clichồng on the video, and it will automatically tải về lớn your computer. You can find the đoạn Clip in the Downloads thư mục in your computer.
Paste that URL into a browser tab, remove sầu the www. part và replace it with m. khổng lồ access the Mobile version.
Right clichồng và select Inspect or use Alt Option + Cmd + J on Mac.
Paste that inkhổng lồ another tab và let it play.

Use FBdown.net khổng lồ tải về videos from Facebook Messenger

FBdown.net is a đoạn Clip downloader trang web that can make short work of downloading videos from Facebook Messenger. You still need lớn capture the đoạn Clip URL using Steps 1 lớn 6 but instead of downloading it from a browser tab, you can use this website tiện ích instead. If you find that Save As isn’t working, this is where you need lớn go.

Follow Steps 1 lớn 6 above khổng lồ capture the đoạn phim URL.Paste the URL inkhổng lồ the center box and hit Download.

As long as you captured the Clip URL correctly, the trang web will locate & identify the video and then download it onto lớn your device. It works on di động devices & on desktop computers. This method works quickly và effectively. I tested it twice using the Brave sầu browser on Windows 10 & it literally took only seconds to lớn tải về a 30-second đoạn Clip from Facebook Messenger.

Download Facebook Messenger Videos on Android

Downloading a đoạn phim from Facebook Messenger to lớn your Android device is pretty much straightforward.

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mở cửa Messenger, and open the conversation with the video you want khổng lồ tải về.Long press the đoạn Clip, và there will be options available for you khổng lồ Save Video, Forward, or Remove.Tap Save sầu Video.