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i recently got my phone changed khổng lồ orange in colour both front và back.. Getting it back i had khổng lồ restore it. Connected it to iTunes & attempted the restore but failed. Once the loading bar under the táo icon on the iPhone was full while restoring, it came up as unable lớn restore. Unknown error (-1). Does anybody know how i can fix this & how it happened?

1. Khổng lồ fix error 1, you can restore your PC khổng lồ an earlier time when the PC has not get the error 1.

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2. Use RecoveryTool.

How to Fix iPhone Error 1 While Restoring iPhone




SIMRAN I"ve this information from my iPhone 5 from the usb

Apple smartphone Device (Recovery Mode):

Product ID: 0x1281

Vendor ID: 0x05ac (Apple Inc.)

Version: 0.00

Serial Number: CPID:8950 CPRV:20 CPFM:03 SCEP:10 BDID:02 ECID:0000032AB4084D29 IBFL:1B SRNM:

Speed: Up khổng lồ 480 Mb/sec

Manufacturer: táo apple Inc.

Location ID: 0x26210000 / 5

Current Available (mA): 500

Current Required (mA): 500

Extra Operating Current (mA): 400

Is this fixable?

Got error 1 after i tried lớn update...

thx for your reply

error code 1 is a modification code, I have only seen this code when a phone has been jailbroke and not for hardware mods, but I have had some bad luck with màu sắc conversion kits, they look real good & I have done this to my I 4 but I have installed many that never worked right out of the box, I caution people on this mod as the parts are generic & a slight risk with your money, do I think the color Mod caused your problem ? I dont know, but I would reinstall the factory parts and see if that takes care of it.

This is a Hardware problem. When you remove the shield of Bottom side under the Charging jack. This is actually a problem of supply to lớn Baseband chip or either baseband is faulty. Beside the baseband chip there is a Golden crystal ic who supply the power to lớn baseband . Main this could be the reason .

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hi I am having same problem with my iphone4 caused due khổng lồ changing the body colour but I am having the serial no. Of my phone please help me to lớn fix it thank you.....

this is not the reason of issue . During changing the parts you done something wrong to ngắn gọn xúc tích board thats why it giving the error during restore. Take the ngắn gọn xúc tích board out from the phone & connect the good battery and charging jack then try lớn restore the phone without any other thing . Kiểm tra out the error now . If same problem then it is a logic board issue otherwise something other part malfunctions .

no real solution for this problem i tried restore in dfu mode it works for some hours but the iphone again corrupted so the soultion is to change your board ....for this reason change your iphone is a better solution

Error -1 is a baseband issue. The board needs khổng lồ be repaired. You can buy the new components but it"s tricky to vì without experience. It"s best lớn replace the baseband power nguồn ic first. If not solved then replace the baseband ic. It can be done with a heat gun but you will need a dentist type pick lớn remove the resin around the ic. There are a few vids on YouTube showing how it"s done.

Error 1 is different. I think Mitch rush is right. It only seems to happen to jail broken devices

I vì chưng have the same problem (error 1) on my iPhone 5s.

I just wanna ask. What could be the cause of this error? vày it have something to vì chưng with the interrupted update or over chargeing the unit? I thought error 1 is beseband problem khổng lồ it is something to bởi vì with the hardware. Thanks

5s error (-1).

I faced this problem once before as well, but got solved somehow.

Cant solve it anymore. Any suggestions?

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