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Free Download Manager Portable can run from a cloud folder, external drive sầu, or local folder without installing into lớn Windows. It"s even better with the Platkhung for easy installs and automatic updates.

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Free Download Manager is a comprehensive sầu download manager with tư vấn for bandwidth optimization, pause and resume, torrent files, flash video downloads, & lots more.

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App Notes

Free Download Manager (FDM) Portable has some important issues to keep in mind in terms of portability that differ from other portable apps. These issues include:

DOWNLOAD LOCATION - FDM Portable will mặc định khổng lồ X:Downloads as the location for any files you tải về by mặc định. You can alter this by right-clicking each thư mục (Music, Other, Software, Video) và entering a new location. The string %sdrive% in the location indicates the current drive sầu letter X: & should be left there with your selected path including it. The only time it is recommended that you alter this string is if you are running FDM Portable from a synced cloud drive (lượt thích Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) in which case it is recommended that you use %userprofile% so that it will remain in your synced drive across PCs. This would be in the khung %userprofile%Google Drive, %userprofile%DocumentsMy Dropbox or similar.BROWSER INTEGRATION - Browser integration is disabled by default in the portable version as it can cause your drive sầu to lớn be unable to lớn eject when a local browser is still using the extensions or plugins that FDM provides them. It is recommended you only integrate it with your portable browser (FDM has built-in tư vấn for Firefox Portable when you enable it) or ensure you close your local browser before closing FDM Portable. You can adjust these settings within Options - Settings - Downloads - Monitoring.FLASH VIDEO DOWNLOADING - Video downloading is disabled by mặc định for similar reasons lớn browser integration. You can enable it with the same precautions. You can adjust these settings within Options - Settings - Downloads - Flash Video.OPINIONS - The Opinions tab is available but not focused by default during/after downloads due to lớn the fact that it is not portable. You will be using the local Internet Explorer browser for any pages you view or submit within this tab, which will leave sầu traces behind. It can be re-enabled by default within Options - Settings - Downloads.

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Note that Free Download Manager can not run from UNC network paths.

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