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Hello Friends. You can tải về a big tệp tin from Google Drive. We will provide the updated và lademo giải pháp công nghệ for you. Everybody faces this problem. Can’t tải về a big tệp tin but we have got the solution.

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Big File Download From Google Drive sầu Using Internet Download Manager và Google Chrome

Restart Your Computer. mở cửa both software (IDM & Google Chrome).Go to mạng internet tải về manager then cliông chồng Options.Click the General tab & then click the add browser button. A pop-up window will open.Then cliông xã the OK button. Another pop-up window will open.Go to Local Disk (C:) and then go to Program Files(x86).Choose Google Folder then Chrome Folder & go khổng lồ Application Folder.Select Chrome.exe cộ & then clichồng the Open button. Then cliông xã the OK button.

Note:- Once the above steps have been phối then do this step.

How to lớn IDM Integration Module Added Google Chrome Browser

mở cửa Google Chrome Browser.Clichồng Add lớn Chrome. A pop-up window will open. Cliông chồng Add Extension.

Flowing the above steps, the extension will be added khổng lồ your Chrome Browser. Please note, when you open the Chrome browser that your computer has an Internet connection.

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Your configuration was completed. Then open Google drive sầu in your chrome browser. Login lớn your Google Drive sầu và select the tệp tin want to tải về then right-clichồng the selected tệp tin options are open.

Click to download. Google Scanning the virus then the IDM download window is open. Clicking Save file và then select the location you want khổng lồ tải về.

How vì you fix corrupted IDM Integration Module chrome extension?

At any time IDM Integration Module extension becomes corrupted in Google Chrome. Don’t worry, We will provide step by step guide fix Internet Download Manager integration module chrome extension.

Open Google Chrome Browser.OpenChrome extensions Page (chrome://extensions/)Remove sầu this extension and Restart Chrome Browser. Cliông chồng Add khổng lồ Chrome. A pop-up window will open. Cliông chồng Add Extension.

If you not understvà please see the đoạn Clip.

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I hope you like this article and your problem will be solved. You can download large size files from Google drive.

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