How to manually connect to your server


This guide will show you how to lớn manually connect khổng lồ your Don"t Starve Together server, if you don"t see your hệ thống instantly appearing in the in-game listings.

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Due to lớn the way the in-game listings are handled, it can generally take up to 10 minutes for a vps to appear in the in-game server browser. This method will allow you to lớn connect instantly, without the wait.

Open the Console

Hit the Play! button on the title screen:


On the following screen, you will need to open the console for the trò chơi by doing the following:

You can vị this by hitting the tilde (~) key on your keyboard. This is usually located above the tab key.

When you open the console, you will see trắng text appear on the screen và a tan colored box down at the bottom, lượt thích the screenshot below.


Use the command c_connect

In the rã colored box, you will enter the following command:

c_connect("ip, port, password")Inside the parenthesis (which are required for the command khổng lồ work), you can put three pieces of information (known as "arguments") for the command lớn work correctly. One is required, và the other two are optional. Separate these by commas as needed.

The three "Arguments" for the command are:

ip - This is always required for the command khổng lồ work. You must put quotes around it.

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port - The port is optional. You don"t need lớn specify it unless you"ve changed lớn from the mặc định of 10999. The port does not need quotes around it. If your server"s port is still set khổng lồ 10999, và you put 10999 there, nothing bad will happen. It"s just sort of an unnecessary step.

password - This is optional too, unless you have phối a password on your hệ thống already (in which case it will refuse the connection without the correct password entered there). The quotes around the password are required.


For example, if your vps is running on the default port (as is normal in our system), và with no password, then you only need lớn have the IP specified.

c_connect("")If your server"s password is my-awesome-server, then the following command should be used:

c_connect(", 10999, my-awesome-server")If you need any assistance with this command, please let us know & we"ll be happy to lớn help.

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