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It"s here. It"s good. The final version of the Half-Life Retail Update! Available in three flavours, one for the Half-Life package, one for Counter-Strike Retail & last but not least for the standalone game Gunman Chronicles. Review the changelog below for additional details. Please make sure khổng lồ check the system requirements before downloading the Update.

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Version (Final) Half-Life & Counter-Strike version - Added a complete new phối of Engine DLLs, featuring blue-transparency fix - Added Steamless Team Fortress 1.6 (v1.0_final) - Added Enhanced Graphics Engine (EGC v1.1), featuring bloom effect khổng lồ improve realism - Added HLBoom protection - Added listenhệ thống listing support - Added modVPS support - Added WON2 Protocol won2://, khổng lồ enable joining a VPS from a liên kết - Added WON2 Updater (through "sierraup") - Added Primary MasterVPS selection - Fixed "Blue"-transparency bug - Fixed SFX_T bug - Fixed a number of small issues with CS - Updated woncomilimet.lst with WON2 Patch for Players v2.8 - Updated PingTool WON2 Edition Version (Final) Gunman Chronicles version - Initial version for Gunman Chronicles - Added listenserver listing tư vấn - Added modVPS support - Added WON2 Server Network support - Added PingTool - Added HLBoom protection - Added WON2 Updater (through "sierraup") - Added Primary Masterhệ thống selection - Fixed transparency bug - Fixed a number of small issues with GC

System requirements

It should be noted that, in advance of installing the corresponding update package, Half-Life should atleast be updated to v1.1.1.0 & Counter-Strike Retail to v1.0.0.5. For more information, see the Release Notes. Gunman Chronicles does not require any additional updates prior to lớn installing. In addition upgrading is possible from Half-Life v1.1.1.1 và the Release Candidate version of note: For some components of the Update to work, you are required to have sầu the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 installed. You can download this package không tính phí of charge from Microsoft. See link below.

Counter-Strike Retail và Gunman Chronicles

A revised version of the update package for Counter-Strike Retail and Gunman Chronicles is being developed. Meanwhile, the patch can be safely used with Counter-Strike Retail (although some of the patch"s functionality will not work, such as WON2 URL launching). Owners of Gunman Chronicles should treat it as a MOD by copying the "rewolf" thư mục from the game thư mục lớn a Half-Life or Counter-Strike Retail installation that is updated with the package.

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The SFX_T fix (half-life.exe) requires administrative privileges - if you have sầu a limited user tài khoản, you will need to elevate your trương mục lớn use this patch. The patch is not necessary to lớn play Half-Life, but is intended khổng lồ fix the SFX_T crash bug most common on Sven Co-op. You can disable it by using hl.exe cộ instead.


.NET Framework 2.0 (size: 22-45 MB)

.NET Framework Version 2.0 x86 version (Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Server 2003/R2) .NET Framework Version 2.0 x64 version (Windows XPhường x64, Server 2003/R2 x64)Required khổng lồ be installed before installing the patch. Windows Server 2008/R2, Windows Vista & Windows 7 users bởi not need khổng lồ install this package.

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Half-Life Retail Update (size: ~50 MB)

BEFORE CONTINUING, make sure you have sầu installed the Half-Life v1.1.1.0 patch first. If you haven"t yet, follow this link khổng lồ download it. Counter-Strike Retail users should download the v1.0.0.5 patch prior to lớn installing this update. Installing the v1.1.1.2 patch without having v1.1.1.0 installed first will result in a corrupted installation. Should you have sầu ignored all these warnings and installed the lathử nghiệm patch anyway, you can correct this issue by installing v1.1.1.0 first, after which you install v1.1.1.2 again.

Download Half-Life Update Final

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