Gopro hero7 white action camera

Should you buy the ageing, no-frills GoPro HERO 7 White, or is a modern budget camera a better option?


Launched in 2018 as part of a GoPro HERO 7 triple release & positioned beneath the fancier Black and Silver versions, the HERO 7 White model was the cheapest and most basic of the three new GoPros released that year.

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While all three models were well received at the time, they are getting on a bit in camera years, and quite a way down the best GoPro rankings now. However, they"re also a lot cheaper than the newest models. So is the GoPro HERO 7 White still a contender for our best budget action camera ranking, or has it had its day?

And if you"re wondering if the other two H7 cameras are still worthy choices, you can find more on them in our GoPro HERO 7 Blaông chồng vs HERO 7 Silver comparison.

GoPro HERO 7 White: features

While the HERO 7 Blachồng features the original iteration of GoPro"s truly excellent HyperSmooth Clip stabilisation software, the White & Silver versions both come with a decent enough but slightly less impressive version instead.

All three cameras feature the same intuitive & easy to lớn use operating system, but with slightly slower processors, the White and Silver versions are a little more sluggish lớn respond to your inputs.

The only real difference between the White and Silver versions as far as features go, is that the White lacks the Silver"s GPS location tagging function on stills & videos.

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GoPro HERO 7 White: video clip and stills

While both of its fancier HERO 7 stablemates have the ability to lớn shoot 4K video, the White version"s maximum đoạn phim resolution is 1440p at 60FPS – there are also plenty of more recent budget action cameras that can shoot in 4K too. Unless you"re planning khổng lồ run your footage on a 4K tv or monitor though, the HERO 7 White"s resolution is still more than good enough for sharing clips with friends or posting on the website, and the camera does a great job of capturing sharp, dynamic video.

Like the HERO 7 Silver, the White version offers 10MPhường stills, however, it lacks the Silver"s more advanced WDR (wide dynamic range) shooting mode, which gives better detailing in highlights và shadowed areas. While the image quality from both cameras is good, most modern cameras, và even phones, are able khổng lồ take photos with twice the image resolution of the HERO 7 White & Silver.

GoPro HERO 7 White: specs

Weight: 94.4gDimensions: 60.2W x 40.5H x 20.8D (mm)Video: 1140P60Photo: 10MPExposure control: YesRaw photo lớn capture: NoStabilisation: YesTime Lapse: 0.5 second intervalsBurst: 15 FPSProtune: NoTouchscreen: 1.95-inch LCDVoice Control: YesGPS: NoMicrophones: TwoBattery: Built-in 1220mAH lithium-ionWaterproof: To 10m (33ft) without a caseStorage: Micro SD

GoPro HERO 7 White: verdict

While the GoPro HERO 7 White is a rugged & really well put together camera, unfortunately it"s now starting khổng lồ show its age. While its đoạn Clip và pholớn capturing capabilities are good enough for a wide range of uses, there are plenty of other cameras that can shoot at higher resolutions and cost around the same price or less.

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Of the three HERO 7 cameras, the Blaông xã version is the only one we"d still fully endorse as a worthy buy. That said, if you"re able khổng lồ find the White (or better still, the 4K Clip equipped Silver) at a bargain price, it would still be worth a punt.

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