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Google Play provides several link formats that let you bring users lớn yourproducts in the way you want, from apps, website pages, ads, Đánh Giá,articles, social media posts, & more.

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To liên kết to your tiện ích with the Google Play badge, visit the badge generator.

The links formats let you links to the following:

Linking to a store listing

Use the format below lớn deep-link directly to lớn an app's Store listing page, whereusers can see the app description, screenshots, đánh giá và more, and theninstall it.

To create the link, you need lớn know the app's fully qualified package name,which is declared in the app's manifestfile. The package name isalso visible in the Google Play Console.'s an example: details on how to lớn skết thúc the link in an app, see Linking from App.

Linking to lớn a page

Use the format below lớn link users to lớn your page. On this page you can provide more details about your brand,feature an app, & provide a menu of other apps you've sầu published.

To create the liên kết, you need to lớn know your publisher name, which is availablefrom the Play Console.'s an example:

Linking to lớn a search result

Use the format below to lớn liên kết users khổng lồ a search query result on Google Play. Thesearch result page shows a danh sách of apps (và optionally other content) thatmatch the query, with ratings, badges, và an install button for each.

To create the links, you just need a search query string. If you want the querykhổng lồ search beyond the Google Play app listings, remove sầu the &c=apps part of thelink URL.

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Linking to lớn a collection's an example: details on how to lớn sover the liên kết in an phầm mềm, see Linking from App.

Table 1. Collections on Google Play.

Staff Picks (Featured)featured
Top Paidtopselling_paid
Top Freetopselling_free
Top New Freetopselling_new_free
Top New Paidtopselling_new_paid
Top Grossingtopgrossing

Linking lớn Editors" Choice Pages

If your ứng dụng is featured or appears in articles in Editors' Choice, you can usethe format below lớn links users directly khổng lồ the Editors’ Choice page.

The URL for the main Editors' Choice page is: you can find each page's URL from the Editors' Choice page.

Here are some examples:

Linking from an App

If you want khổng lồ link lớn your products from an phầm mềm, create anIntent that opens a URL. As youconfigure this intent, pass "" inlớn Intent.setPackage()so that users see your app's details in the Google Play Store phầm mềm instead of achooser.

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The following example directs users to lớn viewing the app containing the packagename in Google Play:


val intent = Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW).apply data = Uri.parse( "") setPackage("")startActivity(intent)


Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW);intent.setData(Uri.parse( ""));intent.setPackage("");startActivity(intent);

Launching a Google Play Instant experience

If you have published an instant phầm mềm usingGoogle Play Instant, you canlaunch the tiện ích as follows:


Summary of URL formats

For this resultUse this link
Show the store listing for a specific app
Show the page for a specific publisher
Show the result of a tìm kiếm query
Show an phầm mềm collection
Launch a Google Play Instant experience
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