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Give sầu your adrenaline a rush with this installment of the God of War series. God of War has anyway been one of the most played đoạn phim gaming series of all time. It’s an action-adventure gaming series with a film made on its theme as well. Its first installment made its debut with & on PlayStation 2 and ever since has maintained its position in the market of đoạn Clip games. Today we are going khổng lồ take a look at another installment of the same series, God of War two. 

The fact that The Internet wins blew you here implies that you might have been wondering if this game was worth a try. It is for sure be worth your time. If you are new lớn the gaming series as a whole we have sầu a section that tells you what exactly the plot of the game đơn hàng with and whether the gameplay of it is something you should be looking forward lớn. If you are here khổng lồ just get rid of your dilemma of whether or not you should be trying out the game you can directly move sầu on to the features section that we have here for you. We have sầu listed down below the collection of all the amazing features that you can count upon to make your gaming experience a top notch one. So Are you ready?

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About the game

If you had no idea as to lớn what exactly the game of God of wars đơn hàng with then this is a great place to lớn get an idea about it. The gaming series, which throughout the years has reached a peak of its popularity was developed & published by Santa Monica Studio and Sony Computer Entertainment respectively. God of War two installment in the series is meant to lớn be played on PlayStation 2 và can be played only on the single-player mode.

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The plot of the story follows a theme based on ancient mythology. For those who are not so fluent in their Greek mythology, the Greek god of war is Ares. Kratos is personified as a strength in Greek mythology và he is tricked by his former teacher Ares inkhổng lồ killing his own family. This automatically leads to a series of battles fought amongst the various important gods and heroes. Your role as the player is to lớn make your character achieve the goal presented for hlặng in the game. 

It is not so easy to lớn understand the entire plot in one go. It is especially so when the story is expanded over so many installments under the same series. We just provided a gist of the entire storyline. As the game progresses, you will for yourself find out how the story slowly unfolds before you various new obstructions và goals. 


God of War 2 offers its players gameplay that is too hard lớn resist. The gameplay is the most important part of the gaming experience of a player. It can make or break the gaming experience no matter how good the plot is.

This action-adventure game is played in the third person. It has a camera angle that shows you a view from over the shoulder of the character. This not only enhances the entire gameplay by making you more involved in the game as if you are the one present inside the game rather than your character, but also adds a certain amount of adrenaline lớn your entire gaming experience.

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The game is to be played in single-player mode only booted the character you can play is the character of Kratos. His men’s weapon for combat is Athena’s blade. But occasionally the characters can also use magic powers too to lớn fight their foes on the battlegrounds. The battles are to lớn be primarily fought against characters & personalities from Greek mythology be it centaurs or gods. 

Features of the game

God of War is one of those rarest of the rare gaming series rich has been able khổng lồ keep a firm grasp on its popularity amongst its players & even increase the same over the years. For such an everlasting period of popularity và fame the game is indebted to it’s brilliant and top class features. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Learn new things

The game also provides you with an opportunity to know & enhance your knowledge about Greek mythology. It is rather interesting and comes khổng lồ you in a further interesting manner as well. The game does not only thus help you pass your time keeping you entertained with its awesome gameplay & features, but at the same time also lets you learn something new.

This installment lớn the series in particular has a lot to offer to its players. Even though it is characterised with certain drawbacks such as not having enough platforms to be played on và having just one player mode, it still has enough traits that would be enough for a game thủ to lớn indulge in the đoạn phim game. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and even lets you learn a thing or two about Greek mythology. 

God of War 2 PC trò chơi Download

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God of War