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Take a screenshot (“screenshot”) of the entire screen or a part of your screen.Panoramic scrolling screen capturePaste & copy text directly from your screen Copy & paste text from the screenScreen recorder lớn record user interactions user interactionRecord webcamAdd audioEdit và add annotations to screen captures and edit them lớn add annotationsCreate a đoạn Clip by combining an array of screenshots

Main Features

Capture your screenLet your customers and colleagues know how to accomplish something using videos và screenshots.

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Include an additional contextMake sure you mark up your screenshots, cut the length of your videos, or create an outline to create visual guides & instructions.Create Video from ImagesDraw and talk over an array of images lớn create a brief “how-to” đoạn Clip or GIF.Use by uploading an image, a Clip, or GIF.There are more than 15 sharing outputs and a built-in library with unlimited access that lets you keep your photos & videos in order.Record iOS ScreenIts Capture App lets you capture your iOS screen in just a few clicks. Then, instantly upload it lớn Snagit to be edited.AnnotationsMake annotations onscreen capture using high-quality markup instruments. Give personality and professionalism khổng lồ your screen captures using a range of pre-made designs. Or, you can design your own.

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Enterprise Sharing DestinationsSnagit Crachồng 2022 is now able lớn cốt truyện directly with Slaông xã và Box.Enhance the quality of screenshotsSnagit is beyond a tool for snipping. Every screenshot can be personalized by using markup tools that are of professional chất lượng. It is easy to show what you are seeing without the hassle of writing long, precise explanations.Get resultsLet others see the information instead of trying lớn explain this lớn them instead of struggling khổng lồ explain it. For example, if you want khổng lồ record the trang web of a meeting, register for an online conference, or provide immediate feedbaông xã via email. In that case, Snagit’s screen capture can help convey important details.

What’s New?

Create videos from imagesMake a video clip by recording an assortment of photos lớn illustrate a process or a sequence of steps. Then, annotate và narrate with Favorite tools khổng lồ highlight specific certain areas of the pictures.Create an image using TemplateMix a mix of images within templates khổng lồ create a technical manual as well as a visual guide. Choose the photos you want lớn include và add them khổng lồ a template that follows industry-standard documentation methods. You can download additional templates within your Assets subscription.New Callout StyleAdd a brand new style of Callout lớn your photos for a fresh style. The line directs your focus on the image without obscuring important information.Download Snagit Assets khổng lồ downloadFind hundreds of templates, stamps, & images with Snagit.

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