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a game by Activision
Platforms: XBox 360, PC
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 2 reviews, 5 Review are shown
User Rating: 7.8/10 - 35 votes
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Sitting In The bachồng of a truck as part of a convoy rolling into a North African seaside town, I"m mentally cataloguing the reasons I enjoyed the original Call Of Duty so much. To be honest, I"m struggling. Not because it wasn"t a fundamentally amazing game, but because it isn"t really like other games where you wistfully reHotline neat set-pieces and snatches of dialogue. Gọi of Duty boiled down lớn raw emotions: fear, adrenaline, tension, catharsis. It"s hard khổng lồ conjure these feelings up when you"re peacefully rolling through the desert.


Two minutes later, I"m cowering behind an upended cart, gunfire perforating my eardrums, và watching my comrades being cut inlớn pieces all around me. And there I stay, I simply don"t want khổng lồ move sầu -despite my superiors screaming, "Flank! Flank! and ever escalating chaos. When I bởi move I"m killed without ceremony, andwithout compassion. So I sit back in my chair, & slowly mouth the words "Oh. Oh yeah. And it all comes flooding baông xã.

Reality Bites

One of the many triumphs of Call Of Duty (silly traipsing around manor houses & dams aside) was that everything felt real. Gọi of Duty 2 kicks this up more than a few notches. A farmhouse feels like a farmhouse, a beach feels like a beach, a battle raging through a town feels like a true 360-degree panorama of hell. Any other game would have a gaggle of Nazis mooching around at the kết thúc of a corridor -but here you can never tell where the boundaries of a bản đồ begin or end - you may as well be standing in real smouldering ruins in real locations. More than ever COD2 sees Infinity Ward throwing the veil of faux-non-linearity over their levels - with different pathways, realistic street networks and gameplay that refuses khổng lồ be relentlessly forwardpushing - often backtracking or having you pinned down in specific areas. It works wonderfully, & when I played through the fiendishly hard Pointe Du Hoc beach landing & cliff climbing cấp độ, I must have sầu careered over it at least five sầu times in markedly different ways before finally made it across - taking detours through bunkers, collapsing tunnels, gun emplacements, bomb holes, trenches and around ragdoll Germans doing backflips. Not daring to stichồng my ahead above ground level once, this game is merciless, & far more so than the last offering.

Adding lớn the increased feeling of realism is the Al. And don"t worry, this time I"m not going khổng lồ launch into lớn another F.E.A.R. & Far Cry "& then they flanked me & I was all like 1111! This game ROxxors!" tirade. Although, then again, there was a moment in the Russian campaign in which four Nazis did push forward down the opposite side of the street while I was otherwise occupied, unhurriedly chucking a grenade as they did so, at which point that was exactly what I said.

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Keep It Up Lads

The Al of COD2 propels it above sầu and beyond its predecessor since it brings a real feeling of organic battle - the activity of friend and foe alike don"t need to be scripted anymore. Away from the scampering down side-streets và the more intuitive sầu ways that Allies use cover, this means that there are far fewer moments in which everyone stands around waiting for you khổng lồ cross an invisible marker and even, miracle of miracles, enemies that get shot by a hvà other than your own. Many a time I found myself standing in the open without hope or cover, in front of a German with a raised gun - only lớn be saved at the last second by a blast from a friover hiding behind a nearby barrel. This, however, works both ways. The move sầu away from having your British/Yank/Ruskie soldiers performing progress-requiring scripted manoeuvres means that whereas many were oddly invulnerable before, only getting shot in the head when màn chơi flow demanded it, now they"re prime fodder for the Nazi guns. With more & more comrades tumbling around you the longer you leave a machine-gun post on the opposite side of a Libyan marketplace manned by the enemy, the more gọi Of Duty intensity goes through the roof. When you tot in the restrained, yet still spectacular, ragdolls - even more so.

While we"re on the Al though, I ought to lớn highlight a slight concern that may hinder what I consider lớn be COD2"s unstoppable rise lớn greatness - the much vaunted battle chatter system. In its more mundane parts, it works và works well -if a little over-reliant in the North African chapters on having Cockneys shouting stuff like "Die you dirty Jerry-rotter!". A f**k or two would have been nice.

But I digress. While fighting through a Russian city mission, itself a work of wonder, & attempting to lớn reassemble a broken communications cable, my comrades were getting extremely twitchy. "Over there!" they cried - although I was cowering beneath an exposed desk & couldn"t see them pointing. "By that broken wall!" they shouted - even though we were in a ruined đô thị & all the walls were broken. "They"re coming from the East!" they screamed - even though I wouldn"t know which way East was if I was standing on a beach in Eastbourne. Perhaps when playing through completed code I"ll start khổng lồ learn the way the chatter relates khổng lồ gameplay a bit more - maybe then it"ll convince me. But until then the jury is sitting in another room & eating sandwiches, paid for by you, the tax-payer.

Eastern Promise

But let"s have sầu a poke around this Russian màn chơi I"m outlining, as it"s pretty special. The helpless feeling of being ill-equipped and, indeed, unarmed that COD nailed so hard in the opening Russian chapters certainly wasn"t on show in the cấp độ that I played -if anything, the game encourages you to swap between friendly and enemy weapons far more than either its progenitor or its pro-progenitor Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. Then again, there"s more chaos và thereby more bullets needed to khuyến mãi with it - at least in the chunk of warfare 1 played.