How to defragment a hard drive on a windows 7 pc

If your computer has been running slowly, or if you’ve sầu been doing constant computing without giving your machine a chance for maintenance, it may become fragmented. Luckily, there’s an easy process to defragment your hard disk & boost your PC’s performance. Learn how to lớn defrag your disk using Windows 10, Windows 8, & Windows 7.

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Defragmenting is a key factor in PC performance. In simple terms, defragmenting — or defragging — is the process of re-arranging files on a hard disk for faster access.

In this article, we provide step-by-step instructions how lớn defrag your hard drive sầu. Or consider using an automatic tool like Cleanup, which not only defrags your hard drive, but also puts performance-sapping apps khổng lồ sleep và clears out unwanted files.

This article contains:

How to defrag Windows 10 và Windows 8 PCs

Defragging your hard disk on Windows 10 và Windows 8 is straightforward:

Clichồng on the Start button in the bottom left corner of your screen. Type the word defrag.


From the options suggested, cliông chồng on Defragment và Optimize drives.

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Cliông chồng on Optimize. This analyzes the disk’s fragmentation màn chơi và launches the defragmentation process. That can take a few hours to lớn finish. While it’s in process, make sure not lớn vì chưng much work on your PC, aside from maybe some light browsing.


Once done, it will show you the OK status seen above.

How to lớn defrag Windows 7 PCs

Here’s how lớn defrag your disk drive sầu when running Windows 7:

Clichồng on the Start orb in the bottom left corner & type in defrag.


Select Disk Defragmenter from the search results.

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Clichồng on Defragment disk khổng lồ launch the defragmentation process.

If you have sầu a lot of files on your system or if your system hasn’t been defragged in quite a while, this could take up khổng lồ a few hours. Just let it run và don’t interfere with it. Leave your PC alone!

Use a third-tiệc ngọt defrag utility

Some third-party utilities can make your life easier: One such tool is our own Cleanup, which includes its own defrag program. Best of all: it runs fully automatically on a regular basis (or manually, you decide!). Cheông xã it out:

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