Công cụ chuyển đổi uid > phone

Currently, there are many ways to lớn help individuals or businesses reach Facebook users, in which the most common way is to lớn use Facebook UID. The following article will introduce khổng lồ you how to lớn convert Facebook UID to lớn Facebook thư điện tử by Excel so you can easily reach customers.

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With its continuous development, Facebook entails a lot of benefits for businesses, Facebook users for business purposes with a huge customer base on Facebook. However, not everyone knows how lớn approach this huge amount of customer resource. So Facebook UID what? Facebook Email what? How can that be convert Facebook UID to Facebook thư điện tử by Excel?

How lớn convert Facebook UID khổng lồ Facebook thư điện tử with Excel

There are many softwares and tools that can help us get a person’s Facebook UID, most of which are quite expensive paid software. The following article Taimienphi.vn will introduce lớn you a miễn phí tool lớn perform transfer Facebook UID to Facebook Email by Excel. Please follow up.


First we will find out what Facebook UID & Facebook email are first.

Facebook UID: When you create a Facebook account, you will be assigned a mặc định number lớn identify your trương mục called FacebookUID. Facebook UID will not have all personal information about your tài khoản such as registered phone number, email, name, year of birth … see Facebook id here

This sequence of numbers is the number right behind on your Facebook link.


Also, if your Facebook liên kết has been named with a certain number or letter, you can check your Facebook UID by pointing lớn your Avatar & see the link below. Facebook UID’s is going to be the fb_id number.


facebook.com with the username everything behind the dash of “facebook.com/” on your profile.

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Example: I have a Facebook address, facebook.com/taimienphi.vn, my email address will be taimienphi.vn
facebook.com. Very simple, right.


Step 1: You can download the Seotools tool to lớn your computer Here: download SeoTools for Excel

Step 2: After downloading, you proceed to install the file


How to lớn convert UID to e-mail format

Step 3: You proceed to lớn install normally. After successful installation, an Excel window will be opened, you will see the SeoTools tab on the thực đơn bar.


Instructions khổng lồ convert UID to facebook email and vice versa

Step 4: Because Facebook UIDs are integers, you need lớn format the column containing Facebook UID as an integer without decimals. You choose column A, choose Format Cells. In the Format Cells dialog box, select the tab Number, in Decimas places set the value to lớn 0.


How khổng lồ Convert Facebook UID to lớn Facebook email Using Excel

Step 5: You enter the Facebook UID that you already have in column A.


Step 6: You enter the following command line in cell B4: = “http://graph.facebook.com/” & A4. This command line will take the UID of facebook into the URL khung with the header http://graph.facebook.com/


You proceed to copy the formula down lớn the lines below lớn complete the cells below


Step 7: You enter the following command line in cell C4: = JsonPathOnUrl (B4, “username”). This command line will have the function of getting the facebook user’s username from the UID


You proceed to lớn copy the formula down to lớn the lines below to complete the cells below


Step 8: Finally, we will get Facebook e-mail by entering the following command: = C4 & “


Guide to lớn convert Facebook UID lớn Facebook thư điện tử by Excel fastest

You proceed to lớn copy the formula down lớn the lines below to lớn complete the cells below


So you can get it Facebook Email of Facebook users. The article on how khổng lồ convert Facebook UID lớn Facebook thư điện tử by Excel above detailed instructions on how to get Facebook e-mail from Facebook UID. If you use Facebook for business purposes, then you will be able to easily send product information lớn Facebook users’ mailboxes so you can promote your products directly to users. If during the process of implementation, you have any difficulties, vì chưng not hesitate to comment that the technical team of Taimienphi.vn will assist you.

https://thuthuat.taimienphi.vn/cach-chuyen-facebook-uid-sang-facebook-email-bang-excel-29378n.aspx On Facebook displays a lot of user information, if you want lớn hide your Facebook birthday notification, follow the steps lớn hide the birthday notification on Facebook that Taimienphi has shared.