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You can use Personal Hotspot lớn giới thiệu a cellular mạng internet connection from your iPhone lớn other devices. Personal Hotspot is useful when the other devices don’t have mạng internet access from a Wi-Fi network. Instant Hotspot allows you lớn connect your devices to lớn Personal Hotspot without entering a password.

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If a nearby iPhone or ipad (Wi-Fi + Cellular models) is sharing its Personal Hotspot, you can use its cellular internet connection on your iPhone. See Join a Personal Hotspot.

Note: Personal Hotspot is not available with all carriers. Additional fees may apply. The number of devices that can join your Personal Hotspot at one time depends on your carrier and iPhone Model. Liên hệ your carrier for more information.

Go lớn Settings  > Cellular > Personal Hotspot, then turn on Allow Others lớn Join.

Note: If you don’t see the option for Personal Hotspot, và Cellular Data is turned on in Settings > Cellular, tương tác your carrier about adding Personal Hotspot khổng lồ your plan.

You can change the following settings:

Change the Wi-Fi password for your Personal Hotspot: Go khổng lồ Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot > Wi-Fi Password.

Change the name of your Personal Hotspot: Go to Settings > General > About > Name.

Turn off Personal Hotspot và disconnect devices: Go lớn Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot, then turn off Allow Others to Join.

On models with Dual SIM, Personal Hotspot uses the line selected for cellular data.

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You can use a USB cable, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth to connect a Mac or PC lớn your Personal Hotspot. Do one of the following:

Use Bluetooth: To make sure your iPhone is discoverable, go to lớn Settings  > Bluetooth không dây & leave the screen showing. Then on your Mac or PC, follow the manufacturer directions khổng lồ mix up a Bluetooth không dây network connection.

On the other device, go lớn Settings  > Wi-Fi, then choose your iPhone from the danh sách of available networks.

If asked for a password on the other device, enter the password shown in Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot on your iPhone.

If your iPhone and the other device are phối up as follows, then Instant Hotspot connects the devices without requiring a password:

Each device has Bluetooth turned on.

Each device has Wi-Fi turned on.

When a device is connected, a blue band appears at the top of your iPhone screen. The Personal Hotspot inhỏ

appears in the status bar of the connected device.

With Family Sharing, you can chia sẻ your Personal Hotspot with any member of your family automatically or after they ask for approval. See Set up Family Sharing on iPhone.

When you giới thiệu a Personal Hotspot from your iPhone, it uses cellular data for the mạng internet connection. To monitor your cellular data network usage, go to lớn Settings > Cellular > Usage. See View or change cellular data settings on iPhone.

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If you need more help using Personal Hotspot, see the indotech.vn indotech.vn article If Personal Hotspot is not working.

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