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download Game Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 - PC game - Full VersionCastlevania Lords of Shadow 2Language: EnglishPlatform: PCRelease Date: 2014SIZE: 6.48 GBGenre: Action, Adventure download LINKS: tải về Castlevania 2 không tính tiền
Most importantly, you should begin your first playthrough on Twilight Knight. This is the simplest trouble và should allow you a lot of opportunities to acquaint yourself with the game. This piece of the Story Walkthrough will go up khổng lồ the Gorgon battle. Presently onto the beginning of the game.

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In the introduction, you assume responsibility for Dracula before while his palace is under attack by the Brotherhood of Light. Basically, you are playing a rendition of the trailer. This does all that you would anticipate from a preamble: it acquaints you with the basics of the trò chơi while making an okay of you really biting the dust. There isn"t a lot khổng lồ say about this segment truth be told, the solitary tip is that your forces (Void và Chaos) don"t void when you use them. Along these lines, you can keep them on inconclusively on the off chance that you so wish. The closure of the preface will include you annihilating a goliath War Machine by spewing blood on its anything but (a digit net if you were lớn ask me). Subsequently, you will battle the Paladin và once you kill the Paladin you will get a quite sweet cutscene and the accompanying accomplishment:
Quick forward many, numerous years & you emerge from your alleged loss in the advanced existence where our dear companion Zobek (signal mockery) has discovered us. At the point when you recapture control, you will be pondering the roads as an exceptionally delicate vampire. You will see a young man, Trevor, whom you should follow. Ultimately, you will go over a Soldier of Satan. This is a battle you can"t win in your condition so basically let him beat you up và a cutscene will trigger once a level of your wellbeing is no more. At the point when you awaken you will be secured a room for certain individuals who you will drain dry. This will acquire you:
Presently you start your mission khổng lồ track down the First Acolyte, which will require penetrating a major enterprise that has Golgoth Guards watching the corridors. At no time in the game, even with overhauls, are you expected khổng lồ take them on. At the point when you experience the first và second Guards, you will be told the best way to keep away from them và use them khổng lồ advance. During the space with the second arrangement of gatekeepers, you will utilize a stepping stool to lớn move over the entryway and from here you will need to lớn drop down khổng lồ the walkway and chase after it to lớn one side. You don"t have to căng thẳng over the gatekeeper that hears you & gets through the entryway.

You realize you are going the correct way when a playable cutscene has Trevor bringing you into the past khổng lồ recuperate your Void Sword. Follow your way, which incorporates scaling a flight of stairs, and you will go to lớn a room with swinging stages. The straightforward fundamental way is straight across each of the 3, nonetheless, this room has a few collectibles to lớn get on the off chance that you wish lớn investigate first. After another little climbing segment, you will then, at that point be compelled to go through an imploding passage. Toward its finish, you will have recovered the Void Sword and will battle the Stone Golem.
As you would anticipate from a supervisor battle toward the beginning of the game, this one ought not to lớn inconvenience you, particularly on your first playthrough. Presently as you harm the Golem, it will diminish or change the space of its shaky areas, in this manner making it harder khổng lồ harm. Predominantly, I would adhere khổng lồ your Shadow Whip and resort khổng lồ your Void Sword just when you need to lớn recuperate wellbeing. Likewise, you can obstruct his assaults, yet he is delayed to lớn such an extent that it is simpler lớn sidestep. There will be some catch-crushing lớn complete the battle. Eventually, on the off chance that you need a manual for a move beyond this manager on any trouble, you should lash yourself in for an intense ride ahead.

Features of Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 PC Game

Following are the main features of Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System.

Action-adventure game.New weapons were introduced.

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Impressive graphics.Can use different tactics lớn achieve the main goal of defeating Satan.Can improve the health of Dracula.Open world game.
After this battle, you should get the Primordial Void Gem from the vị trí cao nhất of the Golem, which permits you khổng lồ utilize Void Projectiles. Presently follow the way displayed lớn you until you go lớn a cutscene with Trevor once more. After a field-style segment for certain Dishonored Vampires, you will be given a Wolf Medallion. This will permit you khổng lồ get back to your present goal và is likewise your way lớn go among over a wide span of time.
Back in reality, you would now be able lớn continue with the assistance of the Void Projectile khổng lồ freeze the water and move over the entryway. Once over the opposite side, you should freeze the fan hâm mộ and afterward change into a rodent to lớn go through the hole under it. While controlling the rodent, you will have 9 lives to overcome a rodent segment before you need to retry. For this part, hop over the blazes, explore through the power nguồn (going ahead, not right), another fire lớn bounce, you will then, at that point leave the vent. In this next room, you will have a Guard obstructing the entryway so you need to lớn stay in the rodent structure and go through the vent on the far side from where you went into the room. For this vent, you need to lớn keep away from the initial wire and afterward nibble into the second, which will cost you a rodent. This will draw out an expert so recuperate your appearance and utilize a Batswarm lớn divert the monitor và have the Technician. Doing so will let you go through the entryway. After a cutscene, you will have a battle with a gathering of Possessed Citizens & afterward the main helper Raisa Volkova.
System Requirements of Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 PC Game

Before you start Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 không lấy phí Downloadmake sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

Operating System: Windows XP/ Windows 7CPU: Intel bộ vi xử lý core 2 Duo2.4 GHzRAM: 1GBHard Disk Space: 10GB