Call of duty®: black ops on steam

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Experience the epic conclusion to đen Ops Cold War Zombies, changes in Verdansk, the final showdown between Adler & Stitch, & more.

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Verdansk reshaped: Stadium & Downtown leveled, new POIs và Gulag

The ultimate confrontation in Verdansk ’84 approaches, and the situation couldn’t be more drastic. Adler’s gone AWOL, sending his CIA colleagues into a panic, & seismic devices located near WWII-era bunkers have triggered a massive explosion in the Downtown area.

Old Verdansk Stadium has come crashing down, offering greater maneuverability throughout the area as you weave in & out of the destruction. Southwest of the stadium, Downtown has also been fractured, its buildings toppled into the fissure. Expect less verticality, as well as new areas to lớn explore in both locations.

Explore the World War II–era bunkers around Verdansk for insight into the events lớn follow in hotline of Duty: Vanguard. Và when you’re eliminated, fight for a second chance in the new Gulag. Inspired by the original 1v1 maps in the Verdansk of 2019, this Gulag takes you deep into the Zordaya Prison Complex.

Also expect new modes, an updated thành công pool, & balance changes arriving in Season Six.

Enter Forsaken, the final chapter of Cold War Zombies


Season Six brings the đen Ops Cold War Zombies experience khổng lồ its epic conclusion. As an otherworldly force threatens lớn enter our dimension, the Requiem strike team heads straight to lớn the heart of Omega Group’s secret chạy thử site in western Ukraine. What secrets could be contained within?


Forsaken marks the final round-based map in black Ops Cold War Zombies and the conclusion of the opening chapter of the Dark Aether story. Those who wish khổng lồ help Requiem must put their lives at stake lớn save the world.

New Perk, Wonder Weapon, and support weapons


Become a living weapon with the upcoming PhD Slider Perk. Once consumed, your Operator will trigger an explosion when sliding into enemies, with the kích thước and damage of the explosion increasing the farther you slide. Invest Aetherium Crystals lớn upgrade the Perk even further, granting boons like full immunity lớn self-inflicted explosive damage and the ability lớn trigger explosions when dropping down from great heights.


Discover the new Chrysalax Wonder Weapon within Forsaken as part of its own quest, through completing Trials, or taking a chance at the Mystery Box. Take on new horrors lurking deep within the Dark Aether… and don’t forget to hit up the Crafting Table for the new ARC-XD & Hand Cannon and tư vấn Weapons.

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New multiplayer maps


Deprogram (6v6, Launch): Enter Adler’s broken mind in a wild bản đồ representing different fragments of his memories, stitched together for epic và surreal 6v6 combat. Use the Red Doors lớn travel between memories, setting up power nguồn positions và expert plays.


Amerika (6v6, Launch): A secret military facility in the heart of the U.S.S.R., Amerika represents a Soviet facsimile of an American Main Street. Battle through a prop town featuring a pizza shop, theater, and Burger Town mock-up.

Gluboko (2v2 and 3v3, Launch): Fight in small team operations in an underground vault beneath KGB headquarters. Expect fast-paced, rapid-fire engagements as fights spill out around the main briefing table. Onslaught content


Also available in Season Six, and exclusive to lớn, is a new Onslaught map – Deprogram – và the Onslaught Elite Limited Time mode.

Onslaught Elite is the challenging standard trò chơi mode with one major difference: every surge will spawn an Elite enemy, tripling the danger from the usual survival experience. High value targets, such as Disciples và Tempests, are also included in these surges, making it a true thử nghiệm for the most Elite Operators.

Survive 20 cumulative waves in this new mode, and you get a Legendary Assault Rifle Blueprint known as the “Rock Salt” khổng lồ show off in your arsenal!

Prepare for The Haunting

Get all this and more, including new Prestige Levels, the new “Fuze” Warsaw Pact Operator, & for horror fans out there… prepare for The Haunting. Halloween is just around the corner! Stay tuned for more.

Season Six launches October 7


Season Six of black Ops Cold War & Warzone launches on on October 7.