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Chia Se Nhac. Ever heard about it? Forget Spotify, Tidal & Apple Music, I am going lớn show you an app through which you can download và stream music for không tính tiền. Music streaming services like Spotify, Tidal và Apple Music are good but they don’t let you download music for offline play until you buy a premium subscription from them. This app Chia Se Nhac or simply called as CSN Music will let you download và stream every music album for miễn phí. This app also got some great features which you can’t see in those overrated music streaming services. Before revealing the ứng dụng, I would lượt thích to ask to lớn follow my tech blog for more awesome new articles lượt thích these.

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CSN Music
The tiện ích name is CSN Music and this music application has high-quality audio sources taken from its Chinese parental webpage called This Chinese website has high-quality audio files which are encoded in various bitrates that include 32Kbps, 256 Kbps and even 320Kbps to 500Kbps ultra high-quality as well. The best part of this website is that it works perfectly in the desktop environment và if you opt for Smartphone usage then you can switch lớn the Smartphone version.
No Log-in: Yes, you heard it right. You can listen to lớn music online from 32kps lớn Lossless unique (high quality) without logging in to the trang web. Unlượt thích many websites, You don’t need khổng lồ give any of your credentials.Stream & Download For Free: You can stream and download any song that you like even the newly released songs just for không tính phí. It also supports multiple songs downloads & full album download as wellOffline Play: Supports offline play feature so that you can play the music and watch videos of the songs that you’ve downloaded.Supports User Playlist: You can create và manage music playlists just like you can vì chưng it in Spotify, Tidal, Wink, Apple Music, Ganna and Hungama.

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Full Info: This tiện ích works perfectly and displays the artist, song and album info correctly with all the necessary album art and graphics.Display Lyrics: This is one of the cool features of this ứng dụng, It displays the lyric of every song that you downloaded. When you use this app in desktop mode, the lyrics flow with the music just like in Karaoke.Default Quality Settings in Offline Play: It Support default unique settings when listening lớn music or download which will save sầu your di động data khổng lồ a greater extent.Download 
This application has got two versions khổng lồ download. You can tải về it in the Chinese version and English version. The Chinese version of the tiện ích looks trendy & awesome while the English version looks classy và more functional oriented. The look of the Chinese version is way better than the English version but it’s only helpful for people who know Chinese. You can tải về both of them using these liên kết below. Give it a try.

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