Methods of construction for types pier column

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Pier column has assigned to transmit pressures from pier cap to foundation structures and to bear horizontal loads in longitudinal and horizontal direction of bridge. Pier columns were built in river areas also under impacts of floating plants, and pier columns were built in navigation spans then they have to bear more impact of vehicles which are on water such as boats, barges, ships, etc >> Read more

Introduction a new model of hybrid bridges

…Cable stayed bridge and suspension bridge are the long span bridges. However, these bridges will have certain drawbacks when their main span length increase. In cable stayed bridge, value of cable tension force to support beam will be large in area of middle span, and will be very small in near pylons. So, displacement of main beam in middle span will have a very large value. On the other hand, the pylons are very tall that will cause a lot of dificult…>> Read more

Losing stress of cable in prestressed structures

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