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7 Success Secrets of Successful Project Managers

Congratulations! Based on your sterling performance in the past year, you have now been promoted as a Project Manager. You seem elated! Finally, all the hard work over the years has paid off… You are over the moon… >> Read more

9 Secrets to Project Management Success
 project success thinkstock Project management experts share their tips on how to ensure your IT projects are completed on time and on budget… >> Read more

Here are some books about project management. Please share these books to the construction comunity



The books for project management:

Project management


This book is based upon the global project management experiences I gained in different positions, especially with international management consulting companies and working as a member and chairman of executive boards. I now have the pleasure to share my knowledge and gain new experiences (not only in project management) as a professor with eager and enthusiastic students… >> Read more

The books for Risk management

Fundamentals of Risk Management
  Author: Paul Hopkin

Risks can be classifi ed in many ways. Hazard risks can be divided into many types of risks, includ-ing risks to property, risks to people and risks to the continuity of the business. There are a range of formal risk classifi cation systems and these will be considered in a later part of this book. Although it should not be considered to be a formal risk classifi cation system, this part considers the value of classifying risks according to the timeframe for the impact of the risk…

>> Read more

Making Enterprise Risk Management Pay off

Author: Thomas L. Barton – William G. Shenkir – Paul  L Walker

As businesses worldwide enter the twenty-first century, they face an assortment of risks almost unimaginable just 10 years ago. E-commerce has become ingrained in society with amazing speed: Companies that cannot keep up are doomed to obsolescence in record time. Technology is driving business models to be retooled in months instead of years. The traditional gatekeepers of information are being supplemented with the Internet democracy in which anyone with a PC can disseminate information widely and quickly—for good or bad.2 Derivatives, which were originally intended to help manage risk, have themselves created whole new areas of risk… >> Read more

Financial Risk Management 2010-11 Topics

Nội dung này chưa cập nhật

Ph.D. Harold Kerzner. Project Management. The 10th, 2009
Paul Newton. Principles of Project Management – Project Skills
Jason Westland. Project Management Guidebook
A guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (2000)
Chris Hendrickson. Project Management for Construction (1998)
Kim Heldman. Project Management Professional. The 3rd Edition (2005)
Presentation for Project Management-Etc.-LUAWMS-May 21, 2011
Wouter Baars. Project Management Handbook (2006)